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1、Soon I'm going to Hong Kong, to attend "Taipo Mega Mall Christmas Eve Countdown" that will happen on 24th of December!! See you there!!
2、Xiang gang!! Zhun bei hao le ma?? Yi hou jian!!
3、Jin tian zai xue xi han zi.... wo de tou... 
4、Wo zai xue xi zhong wen!! Jia you jia you!!! 
5、Zai guo lai sanya wo hen xing fu!! 
6、Ni Hao from Abu Dhabi~~ 
7、Wo zi ji zuo de zao fan~ xiang chi ma?
8、Hao jiu bu jian!!! Wo xiang da jia~~ ^^
9、Xie xie fen si men, xie xie weibo! Jin tian de ban jiang li zui bang!! 
10、Da jia xin nian kuai le!!!!!!! Ma shang jian!!
11、meiyou qu huaxuechang you 8nian le. jintian zai huaxuechang paishe le yitian . nimen cai shi she me jiemu ne?qing dajia guanzhu ba.
12、hen xing yun yu dao ren zhen de dui shou。ming wan shou guan zhi zhan, yi qi kan,hao ma?
13、Hoping the world will find peace without resorting to violence. Praying for all the darkest tragedies occurring all over the world.  
14、Han guo tian qi hen hao!! zhong guo ne?
15、Qing dao tian qi hao dao yao feng le!  
16、shanghai de pengyoumen!!! jin tian yiqi wan ba~ hao xiang da jia yiding yao chiwan fanfan lai a ok??
17、Helloo~~hao jiu bu jian!!! Da jia hao ma?
18、o men nan jing yan chang hui 1月17日 hen kuai jiu dao le ~~ xiang kuai kuai he da jia jian mian !!  da jia yi ding yao lai he wo men yi qi wan a ! Hao ma???
19、Hi!!! hao jiu bu jian!! ni hao ma?
20、xie xie ni men~~^^ tuo da jia de fu,wo he qi ta yan yuan,yi ji ju zu gong zu ren yuan dou jue de hen xing fu. wu can zhen de hen hao chi! 
21、8 yue 30 hao,wo qu xiang gang jian ni men!!^^ wo hen qi dai!!! ni men ne??? zhe ci yan chang hui, hui you yi si suo yi deng ni men lai gen wo men yi qi chuang zao mei hao de hui yi!! hao ma?? 30 hao jian ba!!
22、wo zai kan dian shi.da jia jue de dianshiju you yi si ma?wo jue de ting gao xiao de!!yi you er fen zhi yi de xia tian,jia you! 
23、jin tian wan shang 7dian 30 fen,qing da jia shou kan dong fang wei shi wo zhu yan de<yi you er fen zhi yi de xia tian>.kan wan hou,yao ji de gao su wo guan hou gan.^^
24、feichang ganxie fensi pengyoumen lai jieji.yinwei anquan wenti,zhubanfang xiwang women zou VIP tongdao.hen baoqian mei neng he fensi pengyoumen dazhaohu. dui bu qi... 
25、Nanning de pengyou men! deng yi xia!! 2PM is coming!! 
26、ming tian zai shang hai "Global harbor""look optical yan jing dian kai ye,qing da jia duo duo guan zhao。
27、Good zao shang!! da jia hao ma?? han guo hen leng!! zhong guo ne? zhu yi bie gan mao~~ 
28、I'm a barbie boy in a barbie world~~ wrapped in plastic, it's fantastic~~ = b
29、형! 얼른 북경 와서 같이 놀아요!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 오늘 조심히 들어가세요!! 
30、zhong guo bei jing ye hen piao liang kekeke zhong guo de hottest zui piao liang kekekek
31、I found out that I have family in Guang Zhou!!!! and my ancestors' graves rest here too. That means I am part Guang Zhou~~~^^ so happy!!! we are all family~ 
32、Life is like a bank. If you don't put your investment in there won't be anything in return.  
33、I am now in Nagoya,Japan for the Arena tour and I'm fine and healthy. Sorry for being away for so long. I missed you all too. 
34、Hello!!!! Haven't been here in a while! How are you??
35、It was so fun in Hunan!!! I hope to be back again to meet you guys! Please deng wo men Kekeke 
36、Carry in your memory,for the rest of your life,the good things that come out of those difficulties....
37、Goodnight Okinawa~ you've treated me so well tonight. I shall sleep and dream a sweet dream of you.
38、약속지켰어요~~^^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 만족하나요?? ㅋㅋ
39、Will Smith said something like "when people ask him with PLZ b'coz it's shorter than PLEASE, he answers NO b'coz it's shorter than YES" WOW! 
40、RT BigHitEnt: 2AM이 네이버와 함께 음원 예약 구매를 진행 중입니다. 예약 구매자 중 추첨을 통해 2AM의 '언플러그드 팬미팅' 초대권도 드려요. 네이버 뮤직 스페셜 페이지를 꼭 확인해 주세요!   
41、RT robinthicke: Love is not a feeling. It's an everyday effort. Keep trying. Never give up! 
42、RT dlwnsghek: 월요일(오늘 밤)10시 40분 EBS "나눔" 많은 시청 부탁해요^^ 에티오피아의 생활환경과 여러 도움을 필요로 하는 깨달음의 방송이랄까~? 진지한 감상평 맨션 보내주시면 선물있사와요^^
43、Starting the book "Warrior Of The Light, A Manual" by paulocoelho. Excited to see where this book will guide me. =] 
44、RT IAM_SUPPORTERS: 카카오톡 사용하시는 IAM여러분~ 드디어 카톡 플러스 친구에 2AM도 추가되었습니다~ 아직 추가 안하신 분들 얼른 추가하세요 ^ㅁ^
45、RT myaimmy: "LeayDoDee: (1) 10 Lucky Indonisian Fans will be lucky to to have a romantic holiday with Nichan in Korea.  ... 
46、If you don't know exactly what I'm trying to say you should just keep quiet. I don't hold anything against those boys.  
47、A leader is wise, a leader is calm, and a leader is kind! Seems like there is still a long way to go! =]  
48、RT paulocoelho: Lord, bless our week. May love fill our heart and  compassion guide my mind  
49、Please, don't say things like "wish someone would die" but hope they would learn. Like we all do, like I did from my own mistakes.
50、HOTTEST고생많으셨어요~ ^^ 나와주셔서 고맙습니다! 얼른 조심히들어가세요!!! 꼭 식사하시고요! ㅋㅋ 
51、태국의 홍수피해 관련된 일들에 대해 별 생각없이 말씀하시는 분들,태국인인 입장에서 기분이 나쁘네요.그리고 태국에 오셔서 생각없이 행동하시는것 보단,이 나라에 대한 예의를 갖춰주시고,올바르게 인식할줄 아는 태도도 갖춰주세요
52、RT paulocoelho: To live is to experience, and not to sit around pondering the meaning of life  
53、오랜만에 팬싸인하니 너무너무 반갑고 너무재밌었어요~ ㅋㅋㅋ 다들 조심히들어가세요~ ㅋㅋ^^
54、Anyway guys I'm gonna have to end it right here~ I need some healthy sleep! And so do a lot of you mentioning me right now~ goodnight
55、Makijoo very surprised and impressed with the feed back! I also told my manager to book the venue for a concert next time!Fingers crossed! 
56、Ni hao weibo!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful year~ nain nian you yu <3. =]
57、Happy New Year!!! Oh my god time flies like crazy!!! Don't forget to do what's most important! With LOVE 
58、Celebrate your New Year responsibly and carefully. Sad to hear people drunk drive and end up killing more than themselves. Anyhow ENJOY!!!  
59、엄정화선배님 정말감사합니다. 오늘많은것을배웠습니다. 앞으로 더 멋진가수가 되겠습니다!! 수고하셨습니다!!^^ 그리고 HOTTEST 짱! 
60、오늘 가요대전 정말수고많으셨습니다! 오신팬여러분 조심히들어가시고 감기조심하세요~ 내일도 멋진무대 기대해주세요 ^^ 쿤나잇트~  
61、That's it for today! Gotta get to work! Thanks for all your fun mentions! Have a wonderful day wherever you are! Love
62、I am thankful for being healthy. I will not take it for granted.
63、Merry Christmas world!! =] such a happy day isn't it!!  
64、oday is the last show of our first &quot;Republic Of 2PM&quot; Arena Tour. Let's have a memorable night! =] yfrog.com/octjietj  
65、I must now go on a quest to find all the rings so I can call upon Captain Planet! The hero with a mullet!! But it was the coolest ever!!  
66、I fear that Global Warming will affect us more greatly than we could ever imagine.  
67、Is it weird for me to be purchasing n downloading Pretty Little Liars season 2(legally of course!!!)?? I just wanna know who &quot;A&quot; is!!!! = b
68、If I were to write a book, what should it be about?  
69、Malaysia!!! The HOTTESTs here are 100 times hotter than HOT!!! I'm sure tomorrow will be off the hook! =] let's go crazy!!! 
70、지후랑 셀카했어요~너무 예쁘지않아요? ㅋㅋI took a selca with Ji Hoo~isn't he so pretty?Pray that he finds good family~ 
71、Here's a cup of coffee to start off your day! 
72、날씨가 진짜 많이 추어져서 다들 감기조심하세요~ ^^
73、OMG that was HOT!! Thank you Singapore~ =] and sorry to the upper floors we weren't close enough! But you guys were great!
74、You guys were totally awesome tonight!!!Thanks for showing us your love! Be ready for tomorrow because We're going all out for you guys! =]
75、I'm very excited &amp; nervous for my first movie debut EVER in &quot;Ouran High School Host Club&quot; All the casts were very generous and helpful~ =] 
76、Thanks for making it a great concert tonight Jakarta! Hope you had as much fun as we did! And hope no one got hurt= [  but really THANK YOU!
77、Heyy Indonesia! I am now in Jakarta! Well since yesterday but my roaming wasn't working! -_- anyway! Looking forward to tomorrow!!! 
78、Thanks again &amp; again for all your prayers, help, and donations from all around the world! You show us why it's worth living!  
79、A lot of my followers might be wondering why I've been tweeting so much in Thai. That's because of the flood situation.  
80、Really excited to see my HOTTESTs in Indonesia! Warm up your voice and loosen up your body because it's gonna be off the hook. See ya soon!
81、And happy to see people still smiling, despite the 1.5 meter-high water, and helping out one another with sincerity and joy. What a sight!!  
82、Great start, but so much more to learn.. And one day I will become excellent.
83、Spamming will not help anything but make things worse. 
84、I appreciate the love and support from each and everyone of you. Thank you all.  
85、Hottest all over the world! Get ready for our Hands Up Tour starting in Taiwan!! 
86、T.S. : The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars. I really don't feel like doing anything.. Aha also check out this song's MV! Its brilliant!
87、Some are relieved, some are sad, some are furious,  and some are just thankful for the good laughters and smiles every saturday evening.  
88、Thank you always for all  your love and support.  
89、I am but thankful for all the support we've received for over a year and 3months. We only hope that what will last are the good memories.  
90、We all knew all along that at some point this was going to end, but the good memories and friendship will never die.  
91、People are dying to be successful.. What's the key word in this sentence?
92、With that being said, Happy birthday to all the Birthdayers today! May all your wises come true but remember, &quot;no pain no gain&quot; be healthy!  
93、You can scream and cry, just know that hard times always pass.  
94、Can't believe you guys put Pink Ranger on TT hahaha good job guys! 
95、Remember! If we don't smile big that means we have a cramp on our cheeks! See you guys soon! 
96、김성한기자님이 내신책입니다! 가수를 준비하고계신분들께 추천해드리고싶습니다! 많은도움이될거에요! &quot;스타오디션 30초의 승부&quot; 대박나세요! 
97、The world would be a better place if we all laugh 100 times a day! Haha  
98、김성한기자님이 내신책입니다! 가수를 준비하고계신분들께 추천해드리고싶습니다! 많은도움이될거에요! &quot;스타오디션 30초의 승부&quot; 대박나세요! 
99、Americanoooo~ 좋아좋이좋이~ ♬ 계속 부르게 되는~^^
100、GoodBeautifulMorning people! It's not bright outside + it's raining. But who says it has to be sunny to be a beautiful day? =]
注:以上语录由美语录网收集于Nichkhun Horvejkul名人微博
Nichkhun(NichKhun Buck Horvejkul),1988年6月24日出生于美国加利福尼亚州,中泰混血。韩国男子演唱组合2PM成员,歌手、主持人、模特、演员。2006年成为JYPEntertainment旗下练习生。2008年以2PM成员身份正式出道。2011年成为首个在杜莎夫人蜡像馆展出蜡像的韩国歌手。2012年荣获Kerd Awards泰国最具影响力人物,并主演了GTH电影公司7周年的励志片《爱无7限》,取得年度票房第二的成绩。2013年出演中韩合资的电视剧《一又二分之一的夏天》  。2014年6月确认出演电视剧《寻找北极光》。

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